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Title of the Course: Certificate in Islamic Finance

Duration: Three Months.

Credit Hours: 100 Hours.

Contents of the Course:
1.Islamic Economics
2.Islamic Financial System
3.Islamic Law
4.Islamic Financial Market
5.Islamic Banking
6.Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

Recommended Books:

Siddiqi, Prof .Dr.Mohammed Akhtar Saeed , Early Development of Zakat Law and Ijtehad,

Usmani, Mohammed Taqi.
An Introduction to Islamic Finance.

Iqbal, Zubair
Public Finance in Islam, Lahore, 1990.

Siddiqi, Muhammad Nejatullah,
Insurance in an Islamic Economy, UK. 1985.
Insurance in an Islamic Economy UK. 1987
Partnership and Profit Sharing in Islamic1987
Issues in Islamic Banking,UK., 1994
Banking Without Interest, UK., 1997

Institute of Bankers in Pakistan,
Interest-free banking,. Karachi: 1994.
Legal framework for Islamic banking,